Candace Patrice

Candace Patrice

Investor ~ Pronouns: she/her


A Little About Candace

Candace was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She grew up in the area of Whitehaven and later graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. She has 3 beautiful children whom she loves and adores plus her favorite past time is reading and riding her scooter.

Why Real Estate?

She has always held an interest in Real Estate from many years ago. The love of helping others attain homeownership creates an excitement beyond imagination. Building investment portfolios aids in the accomplishment of generational wealth. Whether you want to buy, sell or invest, she is the one that can make it happen.

Volunteer & Community Service

Candace has participated in several acts in the community, but her heart melts when it comes to feeding the homeless. She currently volunteers with Be My Eyes organization and helps visually impaired individuals accomplish daily tasks. Volunteering is very important as she also serves as an admin at her local church, New Growth In Christ. In her spare time, she learns sign language with Deaf Connect to help communicate with the hearing impaired community.

Hobbies & Passion

As a natural-born writer, Candace was published in Essence Magazine in 2010 for being courageous enough to write about natural hair. She also loves to read and learn new ways to make life a little more interesting. She is not afraid of a little adventure, take a look at the pics below.

Selling? Let’s Do it.
Investing? Let’s grow it.
Buying? I got you.

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